Get Ready to Buy the USD/CAD Again

Get Ready to Buy the USD/CAD Again

The USD/CAD has recently been a great pair to trade. The technicals are beautifully 
aligned in the sense that the lower time frames indicate the same trend direction as the higher time frames. For example, the 4-hour chart indicates the same direction as the weekly chart. Look at the following charts

Get Ready to Buy the USD/CAD Again
USD/CAD Weekly Chart

Get Ready to Buy the USD/CAD Again
USD/CAD Daily Chart

Get Ready to Buy the USD/CAD Again
USD/CAD 4-Hour Chart

At the instant the combine is forming a rather sharp correction lower. this is often in all probability thanks to the sharp rise within the oil worth these days. scrutinize the subsequent chart

Get Ready to Buy the USD/CAD Again
US Oil, Daily Chart

As you'll be able to see, the oil worth rose sharply nowadays. As you most likely grasp, the dollar and therefore the oil worth square measure extremely related to as a result of the Canadian economy is very obsessed with production and export.

The pullback within the USD/CAD rate of exchange might gift an excellent chance for traders to ‘buy the dip’ yet again. Let’s consider the daily chart again

Get Ready to Buy the USD/CAD Again
USD/CAD Daily Chart

The 20-EMA (blue line) might be a good level to shop for the try at. Even grade near it might be sensible, however we’d ought to see some signs that the bulls square measure stepping in once more. What I mean by this, is that I’d wish to see some of downward wicks piercing key levels, and rejecting off of them. These wicks needn't essentially air the daily timeframe - the 4-hour and hourly timeframes might additionally do. alternative favorable candle holder patterns might even be discovered. this may be a sign that the try has probably affected some variety of a support zone.

The obtain zone I marked on the chart lies between one.33570 and one.34350. This level appeals to Maine as a result of it contains a polarity purpose wherever the charge per unit erst encountered resistance. Remember, that in a very healthy uptrend, former resistance zones usually develop into zones wherever support could also be found.

If you’re commerce dollar pairs, you would like to stay a watch on the U.S.A. fossil fuel inventory numbers that square measure free tomorrow (Wednesday) at 15:30 GMT. If this unleash moves the oil worth considerably, it'll have a notable result on the dollar


It appears like this try would possibly notice support at the 200-day moving average. the worth spinned simply higher than this indicator these days. explore the subsequent chart

Get Ready to Buy the USD/CAD Again
AUD/USD Daily Chart

What specifically this try can kill successive few days is troublesome to mention, however I wouldn’t be stunned if we tend to saw some a lot of sideways worth action unfold
In a few hours’ time, we've Wage index numbers out of Australia. the discharge is at 00:30 time (Wednesday). This unharness isn't extraordinarily vital, however it may have an impression on the charge per unit


There is lots of up and down movement during this try at the instant. it's like market players aren’t convinced concerning that direction to require. The bears didn't manufacture a detailed below the 20-day exponential moving average these days. This raises the question whether or not this indicator can still support the worth for however a short time or not. cross-check the subsequent chart

Get Ready to Buy the USD/CAD Again
GBP/USD Daily Chart

Perhaps we'll encounter some sideways chop within the next number of days. If the Brexit theme delivers some necessary headlines, this could, of course, move the rate quickly during a bound direction.
There is necessary economic knowledge out of the united kingdom tomorrow (Wednesday). the typical Earnings index, the applier Count amendment (Oct), and also the percentage can all be free at 09:30 Greenwich Time.
Out of the United States, we've got PPI (Producer worth Index) numbers to be free at 13:30 Greenwich Time. I in person don’t expect an enormous impact from this unharness, however it may have an impression on the exchange rates if variety|the amount|the quantity} is considerably totally different from the forecasted number

Good luck trading!

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